Experience the warmth and beauty of our fire pits

Fire pits transcend mere aesthetics in outdoor settings; they serve as catalysts for communal gatherings. Few experiences rival the fundamental joy of gathering around a blazing fire with loved ones, fostering connections and creating cherished memories.
Fire Bowl

Entertaining with a stylish Fire Bowl evokes gathering ‘round a campfire but with comfortable chairs and drinks with friends.

Shadowline Fire Pit

The sleek modern design of The Shadowline fire pit is a warm and inviting focal point for your deck or patio space.

Uintah Fire Pit

The Uintah fire pit is a stunning piece of functional art which draws family and guests outdoors to enjoy nature and camaraderie.

Wasatch Fire pit

Our most popular design, The Wasatch, sets the perfect mood whether you need to relax and unwind, or host some family and friends.